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Kitchen Renovations

Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams With The Anden Experience.

A great kitchen makes for a great home. Whether you want to radically change the style of your room or perform minor renovations to add functionality, the Anden Team can help. We’ve been renovating Peterborough kitchens for almost 15 years, creating beautiful spaces in a variety of different styles.

We set ourselves apart by providing superior customer service. Our experienced professionals consult with you about exactly how you want your kitchen to look, work, and feel, and maintain great communication through every step of the process.

Because we specialize in kitchen renovations, we can handle projects of all sizes while maintaining an efficient work schedule and a cost-effective budget. If you have an exact look in mind, right down to the details, we can make your vision a reality; if you have a general direction, but you haven’t chosen options, we can collaborate and provide expert advice backed by decades of experience.

We partner with many different suppliers to give you a wide selection of materials, colours and styles. From bold, modern looks to traditional and country-influenced styles, we have the materials, appliances, and cabinetry you need to take the next steps.